American Idol

I watch American Idol. Now, I don’t sit through each and every episode but I do watch it. I wish I was more familiar with the rules though as I know one guy got kicked off for having a record deal but then there are other people on the show who have professional experience as well so I am not sure I am clear on the legal rules for who and who cannot be on American Idol. I am sure I could look it up but I am not that interested.

So far I think the guy from Fort Worth is good (I think he said Fort Worth?), the guy that did the Kelly Clarkson song (even though Simon hated it) and I knew the guy that was the Jim Morrison twin would go home. My not so legal advice to him would be to still sing though as I think he did have some star potential but I knew the audience wouldn’t vote for him. After years of seeing bands and working with bands as clients, it is easy to spot the ones that may have a shot artistically but no shot with the voting audience. I am going to keep doing posts about American Idol so let me know who you will be voting for this year!

(Stephanie Cohen was here)

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