Does Age Really Matter?

How many of you reading this blog have an account on IMDB? If you don’t know what IMDB is, then you probably don’t have an account. IMDB is the “Internet Movie Database”. A common website for those looking to find out about credits, projects or other entertainment related info about actors, writers, producers, etc. It isn’t always the most credible source but people sign up for it nonetheless.

Of course, time to bring on the lawsuit. In a nutshell, Huong Huang is suing IMDB for revealing her age. Apparently she was turned down for an acting job because the producer found out how old she was and ever since then, her life has been filled with therapy appointments. She plans to bring in 19 witnesses and apparently they are filing over 400 documents in preparation with the trial.

This case was sort of boring to me until I saw that she is alleging that IMDB uses some sort of private eye service to figure out whether facts have been falsified on someone’s profile…which makes me wonder if she lied about her age so the “revealing” of her age just meant her real age was revealed. In fact, I am not the only one wondering that as part of the defense is that IMDB thinks Ms. Huang is at fault for falsifying her age.

Regardless, I think everyone has a right to their own privacy. If she doesn’t want her own age revealed then IMDB should not be able to control that. IMDB’s attorneys say that the trial should be “straightforward” and Ms. Huang is now pushing the lawsuit out of control because of all of the witnesses and document preparation. Is she pushing it out of control? Funny enough, the comments I read about this lawsuit were extremely negative. Mainly comments about Ms. Huang’s appearance and her own issues around lying about her age. I think I am on the other side of this one. IMDB is a huge service for actors and I think people should feel comfortable posting information on the site…which includes being able to take anything down if they feel like doing it.

As for Ms. Huang, I am hopeful she will feel confident about her age and won’t continue to be upset about one job she didn’t get as a result of her age. It happens all of the time and life is too short to worry about such things!

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